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AU pony - Cards by RavenPember
AU pony - Cards
Name: Goes by Cards, but it's not his real nice.
AU name: Seikatsu
Species: ???  (one, no one in the story knows, two, I haven't decided yet.)
Talent: He's good at card tricks, but he doesn't have a cutie mark.
Personality: ominous, mysterious, tricky, cunning,

  Cards is a main good guy in a story that me and my sister ( :iconamber-animefox: ) where writing/drawling, sadly she isn't to sycked about continueing it. anyway, it's an AU story I made about a guard in training going on an unexpected quests trailed by a demon prince.

In the story:
  Cards is actually a very confusing character, and his past is mostly hidden. if you don't want spoilers for the comic if we post it, go ahead and skip this part:
 In Cards past he met prince lethal when they where both every young, unknown to both of them that there races where warring. the two became friends, and Cards even met Lethals cook, who was like a sister to him, Star Cook. Cards showed them his 'magic tricks' but Lethal said they where fake, and he was using his horns magic. the two had a small argument about it, but they eventfully forgot the argument.  when the two got older they stopped talking, for no real reason, they just grew apart, and forgot about each other, for the most part.
  Cards became a show man in one of the only towns left of his people, he enjoyed amazing people. he was well, until one day, his village was attacked by a Warujin team, lead by Prince lethal. Cards got away, but his village fell. Cards called Prince lethal to meat in there old meeting spot, Prince lethal showed up and Cards yelled, asking why he would do such a thing. prince lethal answered and the conversation quickly grew into a fight. this time, they where fighting to the death. Cards attacked lethal and ripped some of his feathers off, lethal got furious and tackled Cards, biting his sharp teeth onto his horn and busting it off. Cards screamed, but lethal spat about how he said he didn't use his magic anyway. somehow the battle ended and no one died, but the two still have the scare reminders, and will for life times, as Warujin and Cards race live longer then normal ponies. all but a few of cards species died out, and Warujin won the war, then went into hiding in the Under earth due to the pony species.  (his BS is still kind of a WIP)  
    in the story/comic the team of 'heros' meat cards in a town, Shadow exited about seeing magic tricks. Cards knows that Lethal is watching them, and smiles, "It begins again"

~this seems like a good spot to stop.~
AU pony - Hex by RavenPember
AU pony - Hex
Name: Hex
AU name: Seikatsu
Species: Hexling
Talent: doesn't have one
Personality: friendly, cheerful, protective, talkative, easily scared, can worry a lot.

  Hex is a creature in a story that me and my sister ( :iconamber-animefox: ) where writing/drawling, sadly she isn't to sycked about continueing it. anyway, it's an AU story I made about a guard in training going on an unexpected quests trailed by a demon prince.

In the story:
  Hex was born in a Hexling, hidden, town. unlick ponies they don't get cutie marks, instead they 'brand' them with there role, come examples are Hunter, Gatherer, mother, leader, solider, etc.  Growling up Hex was told about the ponies and there magic to choose a talent, he was amazed by it, and around the day he was to get his brand, he ran away to try and get his cutie mark. of course he couldn't get one, but he didn't know that at the time. Hex found a pony village and quickly learned the guards didn't want him there. as it is, in this world, other creatures are feared, and in turn hunted. so they drove him off, he hid in a cave, and to afraid to go back to his village, afraid they would just exile him to the below world, he made the cave his home.
   (this is where the story/comic comes in)
  he grew to like his cave home, on occasion having to hide it from ponies, and once scare one away that was trying to kill him, but he was fine. until one day a stallion came into his cave. Hex, in the shadows, ask why he was there. the stallion answered telling him that he had to defeat a dragon to become a solider, Hex laughed, saying he wasn't a dragon, and came out of the shadows. he talked to the pony and learned his name was charcoal, Hex told him if he wanted to hunt a dragon to hunt a stray one, and that he would need armor.
  Hex threw on his cloak and said he would take Charcoal into town. the two  went into town, and there they meat a thief, Shadow Snatcher was his name. they made an alliance with him, but not moment after guards came, seeing  a Hexling they chained him and roped him, and seeing charcoal and the thief they assumed Charcoal was conspiring against the castle and arrested him. The guards tried to arrest the cloaked Thief, but he flew away, and the armored guards couldn't keep up.
  Charcoal and Hex where being kept in a small camp till they got moved to a main town for execution, little did they know Shadow had snuck in. Shadow got them out of the cage and was about the leave when they got found. Shadow had called Hex and Charcoal to follow him as he ran down a small, fake, trail. as Shadow darted into the bushes he pulled Hex and Charcoal in after him. not a moment later they saw someone just out of the bushes ahead and continue to lead the guards away. Hex was confused, but stayed quiet.
  a few moments later they herd yells from the guards and Shadow left the bushes, Hex and charcoal followed. They soon found a mare who Shadow introduces as Snare. she was a certain race of ponies that lived much like Vikings, or old Scottish, Personally Hex didn't like her, as there race hunted his, and she had a Hexling pelt on her neck. the group soon found out that Snare had trapped the guards, so they quickly ran off, unknown that they where being watched by a certain intrigued demon.
~ That's all I'll say for now ~
Warujin - new 'pony' species      (open) by RavenPember
Warujin - new 'pony' species (open)
 I made one too!!!
 sept unlike most people mine aren't closed, cause I could care less, only rule for making a Warujin OC....

oh yeah... about them~


Royal Family:
the Warujin Royal family are the rulers of the Warujin and hints why they look different. King Wodahs is a full Warujin, just stronger... anyway, Queen Teel's past is unknown along with her species leaving the sons as not full warujin... I'm just saying this so you know, they're kinda like changling, with a ruler and all, but they live in more of a kingdom kind of thing.
 the Royal family was two sons, Prince lethal, and Prince mischief. not much is known about the princes~

  Warujin live in an Earth under the Earth, known as Jinseika. (It's like Hell, kinda, it's just similar to the earth) most of this land is rules by King Wodahs and Queen Teel, though far lands, and stay demons in Jinseika attack Wodahs for the power he has, he has only ever lost once, not much of the story is known, or let be known, but after that is when Teel showed up.

the general Warujin:
 the everyday Warujin live like ponies in equestrian. some going to work for King Wodahs. but they live pretty generally. sept, they don't have cutie marks, but some get tattoos for things, this they learned from the species of Hexlings. (we'll talk about it latter)
  Warujin al look similar but there patters, Fluff, feathers horns, eyes, etc. can all change from a little to a lot. not many of them have 'bright' colors, but some do, this can be considered bad as it can attract other/stay demons.
   Warujin generally eat meat, but eating demon meat poisons them, makes them crazy in the head, generally if someone notices, they are executed. due to this fact, Warujin have to go up to Seikatsu, or the top world as they call it, and they hunt. most of them hunt animals, but some hunt ponies, the ones that do, either do it secretly or are already outcast. The king made a law against hunting and killing ponies, as to avoid war with the Seikatsu people.

Am I missing anything...?
    any questions...?


well, anyway.
 you will probably be seeing more of the royal family, as they are ACTUAL characters of mine, and I was going to use them in a comic... o -o this is only here so you know what they are.~

anyway, hope y'all like
and I can't wait to see if anyone makes a Warujin OC.

Warujin OCs I've seen:


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