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new FNAF OC - Raggs by RavenPember
new FNAF OC - Raggs
Name: Raggs
Nickname: Children call him Dolly
  modeled after: Rag doll
   job: greeter 
    location: main entrance

PROGRAMED PERSONALITY: Raggs wasn't programed with a specific personality
AUTIO: he/she normally makes simple calls, such as "welcome" when the enter door opens and "come again soon" when the exit door opens, but they are hoping to add more features.
 QUIRKS: his/her arm often twitches and his/her head will droop and be almost limp if the doors haven't opened in a while. he/she tends to be staring at the camera for unknown reasons.
   HOURS ACTIVE: he/she looks at the camera form 3-6 but starts blocking them at 4-6, this can very on costume nights.
   DAYS ACTIVE: is active from day 2 - extra nights, though on night one he/she does stare at the camera from 2-6
    LOCATIONS: he/she tends to stay in rooms closer to the main door, but when BB is in the office he/she moves slightly closer never in vents though <-( FNAF2)
     MECHANICS: at night Raggs will turn to look at the camera for a short time, after not long he/she will begin to move closer until he/she is up on the camera making it hard, if not impossible, to see the room behind him/her. he/she will appear in rooms all around the map, but most of them being the ones close to the entrance. a good speculated reason could be because he/she is short and can't make it very far. it's quite curious how Raggs manages to climb up to the cameras to block them.
      AUTIO AT NIGHT: when looking at a camera Raggs is in, you can hear some faint mumbles, some of witch being "welcome" in a mumbled unclear voice, or "come back soon" with a quiet almost sad voice. most of what Is heard has been stated, but there are rare time when you can hear the things he is being programed like "nice [to] meet you" in a gurgle, or the odd whispered, "farewell" or "good bye." the 'welcome' tines are more often herd when you first click the screen he is on, and the 'good bye' tones are more often herd when you're nearing the end of the night, an animatronic is close to the office, or he's closer to the camera.
      "INTERAKTION" WITH OTHER ANAMATRONICS: Raggs doesn't interact with the other animatronics at all, unless they reach his room before he/she looks at the camera, in witch case he/she will stare at them until they leave with a slow waving motion, causing it to take longer for him/her to glace at the camera because he/she will go back to his blank staring off.
        BUILD: Raggs was loosely based on puppet, he/she was given an almost all cloth outside, because he/she was just going to be sitting near the check in desk, and a simple head shape. he's/she's lean and this with a design meant to draw in kids, but also people of other ages.
         HISTORY: Raggs was built after all the others, and was meant as just a cute little door thing. some of the kids quickly grew to like him/her and favor him/her, though not many. Some of the employees at the restaurant would jokingly talk to Raggs often, I mean... I would, till one pitched an idea to upgrade his/her vocabulary. it became a long process because they wanted to make sure that they could drop it at any time and set him back up, they also didn't want to activate the new phrases until they where all done. this being said, they had a few other things to deal with like the murders and the guards tampering with the animatronics. so he/she was more of a side project that was worked on when nothing else needed done, this being said most of the time he/ she was left alone, for everyone else was doing something else.

PERSONALITY:Raggs tends to be rather tricky, and childish. though he/she can also be rather cute and adorable
"AUTIO": he/she tends to say rather childish things, and jokes a lot.
 LOCATIONS: Raggs tends to hang out near the prize corner with puppet, or the door. on occasion he/she can be found riding no one of the other animatronics or, not often, by himself/herself
  MECHANICS: Raggs like the hang around the guards and bother them, he/she likes getting attention so he/she likes to ride on there heads or shoulders, so his/her little self can be heard.
  "AUTIO" AT NIGHT: at night Raggs becomes snappy, and almost rude. he/she is quick witted and mocking.
    INTERAKTIONS WITH OTHER ANAMATRONICS: Raggs hangs out a lot with puppet and BB, he does enjoy freddys and bonnie, toys to, but when around them  he feels small and unimportant.
    INTERAKTIONS WITH GUARDS: Raggs likes Jeremy because he is quiet and big brotherly, and he enjoys arguing with Fritz or just trying to make him mad, he finds It entertaining.
      FAVORTIE GUARD: Fritz or Jeremy.
        HISTORY: same ^

Quick note: the blonde boy is my other OC Remy
another note: the art is mostly based on the Fandom/AU style
a not-so-quick note: I said he/she because I don't have a specified gender, though idk looks like a he. but you can go ahead and make him/her whatever you want, I guess.
derp note: he doesn't have a "human" drawling form, or what every y'all say, I just don't have one for him, feel free to make one if you want.
FNAF OC - Remy by RavenPember
FNAF OC - Remy
ha... ha... he's adorable and NOT A SELF INSERT GUARD!
and let me tell you why, that mean "SHUT THE FUCK UP FOR A MOMMENT AND LET'S BEGIN THE OC SHEAT!"


Name: Remy
 Gender: Male
  Sexuality: Questioning
   Personality: troublesome, childish, good with kids, independent (or so he thinks)
    likes: stealing, annoying people, hiding, gaming (on his GBA, it's all he has),
    Dislikes: children, being called gay, cops, HATES being mistaken for a girl
     house (where he/she lives): a crappy apartment
       family: older (by a year and a half) sister, who has nothing to do with FNAF
        favorite animatronic: Bonnie, if he had to chose, cause he likes rabbits
        favorite guard: Jeremy, cause he's 'sweat' and 'nice'
         FNAM (five night at Mikey's): raccoon
          Job (what he/she does): anything that needs done, or no one is doing, around Freddy's

  Remy grew up normaly in a low class family, who due to his parents working often, would steal things would
often hang around the diner, cause he tried to sucker people into feeding him pizza. older, Remy only got worse,
his sister moved away and he was the responsible one, the favorite, not like Remy cared though cause he loved
his sister. one day Remy was kicked out of his parents house, them saying he needed to get a life, so he started
bouncing around apartments, and continued his thievery with, growing, skill.
   at the age he is now, he had became a rather good thief and sneaky enough to steal food and such. till the day
he stole a wallet, and when he opened it, after darting around a corner, he found out the owner was a cop, and
he got busted. this was bad, Remy was sent to a year in prision and, needless to say, he didn't much care
for it. Remy got out a few months sooner ,due to his good behavior that being getting information for the guards
and such. Remy was clean for a while and had a.... less then nice job, till one day he snapped at the boss and, not
thinking, quite. with his new record and not a lot of time, finding a job became hard, so Remy went back to stealing
and he was fine for a while, getting what he needed for the, slightly more then crappy, apartments he stayed at and
still eating. he wasn't gready, that is until he got over confident in his skills and stole from a... well a welthy woman,
who just happed to scream very loudly. He got cought and was going to go back to jail, but Remy's  sister, now a
well off business owner, did (what she calls) "some magic" and got him off with some probation. Remy questioned 
how his sister knew he was in trouble and he said her best friend Dakota, who was a lawyer, had been talking about
the easy cases down here and told her it was Remy. Remy, of course, thanked her but his sister said she was going
to check up on him monthly at random times, so he doesn't do stupid things.
   Remy's sister said she got him a job at Freddy's, he was, also, informed that he could go home after work, as long
as he  checked out of the diner, and into the apartment. Remy didn't like the idea of the new job, and of course still
snagged things here and there, but he was generally fine with his job, at first.

Opinion on Mike:
Remy: "he's ok, kinda an ass at times though"
Mike: "no i'm not"
Remy: "i forgot he has memory problems"
Mike: glare, "you think you're funny?"
Remy: "yes, yes I do"
Mike: "if I wasn't working..."
Remy: "only If" chuckles

opinion on Jeremy:
Remy: "Jeremy is a sweat heart"
Jeremy: "t-thank you Remy..."
Remy: "if he was I girl I'd date him"
Jeremy: "haha... ha..." awkward
Mike: yells from he other room "Fag!"

Opinion on Purple Guy:
Remy: "... he's a little creepy..."
Purple: "what ever do you mean" smiles
Remy: "..." scoot away

Opinion on Phone Guy:
Remy: "he's like the mom"
Phone guy: "i am not"
Remy: "yeah you are"
Phone guy: "that's only your opinion"
Remy: "yeeeeeeeeeeeeah..."

Opinion on Fritz:
Remy: "Frits is cool"
Fritz: "YEAH!"
Remy: "Fritz, shut up"
Fritz: "make me"
Remy: " 'make me' "
FRitz: "..."
Remy: "..."
 ~they both laugh~
 y'all I have this really bad habit where anytime I get into a fandom, or even really look at one, I have to make an OC... yeah it's bad, but anyway I just wanted to ask y'all what your OCs are and what show/comic/anime/manga/whatever

Dude that's my ghost: Chris, Tom, and Tom
My Little Pony: DragonArt, Trickery, Charming, and crackle
Adventure time: Sugar
RWBY: Raven Star
Creepypasta: Tika, and Switch
Steven Universe: Siam, and Burgundy
FNAF: Remy, and Raggs

that's all for now, I think..., but I will probably make more... ehhhhhhhh, so what are some of yours?
 'like really, I've only seen a little of DTMG, why di I have an OC... why...'
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