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Three new characters!  :3 by RavenPember
Three new characters! :3
I don't know... I saw 'Z-doodlers' comic "3 simple doods" and "kids and teenagers, and I wanted
to have something like that. that I could just draw in random situations all the time, so I made
some characters, took two days though... o -o I had a bit of a color problem... GUESS WITH WHO!!!
   Anyway, it's a quick comic sires I am planning on doing... just when I get board or something...
also... LOOK IT'S SKITTLES!!! yeah, he is based on a friend who we call skittles... I wanted to keep
the name so yeah...

   I think they look good, what about you?

(BTW... crow is really pale isn't he...o ~o i'ma hope that does end bad... :3 eyup)
You Know You Want To by RavenPember
You Know You Want To
  the return of my friends skittles... he is to cute I had to use him :meow:

   MonsterKind is only one of my favorite web comics and they are trying to make it a book... since
I am as broke as a door nob, I thought I would call out to DA... :D yay.

   well, most of what you will want to know is here V…

the comic is here - >…  (First page to BTW)

   if anything I hope she gets some more fans out of this. :) I would like to help someone I like
for once... anyway... yeah in the comic Biv is my favorite... (Roy G. Biv) he is where I got the
jacket form... :D YAY!
You Cant Argue With This by RavenPember
You Cant Argue With This
    Just..... It's to fab for you XD

   anyway, this is something I am using for me and my sisters 'let's read' of eyeless jack
when we are making fun of him ignoring EJ.

    Tiks is my OC, story is a WIP
    And queen, far right, is my sisters Creepypasta oc. (:iconamber-animefox:)

    Amber also has an ask for creepypasta and her OC... :meow: eyup.

rules: must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share ten facts about themselves.
3. Answer ten questions given to you and make up ten for the people you tag
4.choose ten people add them to the journal
5. inform those people they have been tagged
6. not like "you are tagged if you read this"
7. legitimately tag them
8. no tag backs
9.can't say you do not tag
10. you MUST make a journal.


(I got tagged twice xD)
questions for me (#1):
1. whats your favorite anime? "all of dem :3"
2. do you ever wish you was a star in the night sky? "well it's said that stars are mythical beings with a lot of power.... F*CK YEAH!"
3. does air have a color?  "you're stupid"
4. is it ok for me to be your friend? "you're my sister... we kinda are like best friends, get over it"
5. have you ever killed a person? "i want to say 'in my dreams' but I'm actually the one getting killed a lot"
6. how do you fix a broken heart? *i use video games and ice cream* "by not having one and hating people, that's what I do"
7. do you have siblings? " -.-  yes.... "
8. do you have a pet? "a dog that thinks she's a demon, 6 cats (only one is really mine), and a little brother"
9. if you could make your own planet what color would it be? "black, grey and white... and the core would be rainbow"
10. is jello a soild or liquid?  "it's the heart of a demon... duuuh"


questions for me (#2):
1. What fiction character would you be? "i want say goku, or deadpool... OR CEIL!!! then sebby-chan, finny, and under taker will be MIIIINNNNE!"
2. If you had to choose between your life or some randoms person what will you choose? "my life, as long as I can be a wizard!"
3. Cookies or Muffin? "my first though was derpy hooves but... F*CKING CHOCOLATE!"
4. what would you rather be a Ninja or a Samurai? "a death god... or reaper... BUT IF I HAVE TOOO... samurai, Skatty says ninjas are stubborn."
5. If you could do one last thing before you die what would it be? "i assume I die of murder so ima go with kick the person in the nuts"
6. Do you think it was a good idea to kill Bryan Cranston in the new Godzilla movie? "i don't know and I don't caarrrhhhhh"
7. Would you want another Austin Powers movie? "same as #6"
8.What would you do with 1 BILLION DOLLARS1!*Putting my pinky to the corner of my mouth*"kawaii, I would own 1 bil- dollars"
9. what is your favorite anime or cartoon character? "all of dem.... :I"
10. What is your Favorite five night's at freddys character? "idk, either foxy because hes cute in the fandom or.. fandom mike" 

(finally that's over)

my questions:
1. have you ever seen snow?
2. who do you hate being shipped together?
3. what do if you wake up with Jeff The Killer in your face, (don't be stupid)
4. what if you saw me knocking on your window saying, "let me in... i'ma fairy"
5. worst anime you've ever seen, if none. MAKE ONE UP!
6. most hatted pokemon, (Durant - .-)
7. what job do you want? or wish you had?
8. why is the number 8 awesome?
9. favorite natural smell? (signifies the smell of our aura... and color)
10. opinion on DA updating so much?











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  • Drinking: probably more air


Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I love to lern what every I can about any kind of art. I like to do digital art but I draw irl when I get bored

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