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((Y'all don't have to read this, Jr's just text from an UT RP that I am going to write as an actual story.
Tis a bit sad, but y'all don't know about it much so, feel free to read it if you want, I guess))

"Thanks..." Mirror walked back over to the pile of dust "......" he hold up his hand, a mirror portal apearing. He reaches in and pulls out a vase. "Sorry, Swinks, I've never done this before...." --- The portal disappears and Mirror looks down at the dust, he sits beside it. Hesitant to touch it. "..." ---Mirror opens another portal and pulls out some gloves, putting them on he slowly begins to pick up the dust, carfully putting it in the vase. Tears welling up in his eyes --- Mirror puts what he can in the vase then putting the lid on. "...." he wipes his face with his elbow. "There... that should be good for now, huh swinks...?" --- the star is his pocket glowed for a moment, before it turned a solid yellow --- Mirror glanced at his pocket, "oh... right..." he looks at the star, then clips it to the vase. "Here you go buddie...." --- He gives a sad smile, starting to cry again. "Hay... Maybe I can teach you that mirror magic, all you have to do is come back... ok... c-can you do that for me..." tears start to fall down his face. --- Mirror laughs a little before curling into a ball, the vase leaning on his chest. "I'm sorry I wasn't here! I'm sorry for everything... just.... don't leave me...." --- "P-please.... I though we where FEFs...." he hugs the vase. --- Mirror sat in the middle of the beach, crying, the vase lyings on his chest, "hay... swinks....." he sniffs, "I miss you....." --- a familiar voice echos quietly around him almost like a memory " yo...~" --- Mirror shoots up, looking around. "......." he hugs the vase tighter. --- the star seemed to turn green, almost turquiose as it was pressed closer, shimmering lightly --- Mirror looks down at the star "... swinks?" --- there was no more voice, but there felt to be an energy within Mirror, something familiar and comforting, when the star is moved away from his chest it slowly fade back to a yellow, similar to the way swinks' magic would change into the yellow when it was not as concentrated --- "...." Mirror looked at the star, before tearing up again and hugging the vase once more, his legs up and his head leaning on the vase. --- Mirror looks at the water, "it's a nice night....huh..." he asks, wiping the tears off his face.--- a shooting star passes in the sky --- Mirror smiles a bit, "I bet you've never seen a shooting star, huh, swinks... did you know that you can wish on them?" --- He looks at the water tearing up, "Y-you can... heh...." he leans his head on the vase again tears on his face once more, "I wish you where here...." --- Mirror bundles into a tight ball, holding the vase tightly. "Good night swinkers....." his tears land on the vase.
Carter in MS paint by RavenPember
Carter in MS paint
well it's been awhile since I've done anything on here.

 I have an Ask for something on Tumblr and that takes up a lot of time, I don't want to post
all the asks on here because i'm alreadys posting them on tumblr and AA and I often forget
to post them on AA.
   I'm sorry.

but anyway,
  I was testing out a new way of shading in MS paint and I did this.
I think this looks hella rad, probably one of the best things I done in MS... maybe
I doodled a chara by RavenPember
I doodled a chara
I actually did this at the dentist, while I was waaaaiting.
bid'ness by RavenPember

I dunno,
I was messing with perspective after tests and this happened.
Mah AUs by RavenPember
Mah AUs
Minus TrappedUnder,
but anyway.

I didn't make that neat lil' background you see there I found it on tumblr and edited it.


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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I love to learn whatever I can about any kind of art. I like to do digital art but I draw traditional when I get bored

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enjoy yourself on mah page, I try my best.

(heads up, I'm trying to learn how to do animation and get some good software, not sure if points can help with that.... but I thought I should put it here anyway.)

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