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I have decided on the comic I am going to do.

the main bad guy is know at 'The Puppet Master" he
runs a puppet store in a small town. no one really goes
to the town so he is often board.
One day a girl walk in and looks around. He walks up
to her and asks, "Why are you here, not that it is bad, but
no one comes to my store." ...
"I wanted to know if this was your cat" she said as she
picked up the cat.
of course the cat didn't belong to the man but he thought he
had saw it before so he picked it up. it immediately scratched his
face and hissed as it jumped away into the backroom.
The man stared for a few second holding his cheek then smiled
"Yes this is my cat"
"Ok" the girl smiled and walked away.
The man watched her leave then smiled, "What a nice girl. how
about we repay her, with a game"

kinda... not really... anywho
the girl is the main character and the Puppet master sucks her
into a game with a magic die where she meats 4 other people all representing the 6 sides of the dies, course they don't find this out
till latter and they have no clue who number 1 is when they DO find
the end is amazing and a really good twist but let's not ruin that.
how about instead I go work on the characters.


sept not really.

I need names.
the main girl name I have no idea
ok hold on

dice one: ???...             FOR NOW!!
dice 2: main girl...         NAME?!
Dice 3: a thief boy...      NAME?!
Dice 4: Barbarian boy... NAME?!
Dice 5: a witch girl...     NAME?!
Dice 6: loli boy...          KAWAII NAME?!

bye for real

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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I love to lern what every I can about any kind of art. I like to do digital art but I draw irl when I get bored

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O. O blinks "so what cha doin? oh your on my page... that's cool... guess what... i don't know what i was gonna say but i am pretty sure i was wanting point for something. like i think- OH YEAH i wanted it so i could bye animation sights and stuff. because i wanna make my people episodes, and make Sims dates of them... i think.. :\ i don't know... anyway that would be cool if you gave me some points... it would" waves "ok bye..." back away slowly "bye..."

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RavenPember Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student General Artist
  Halloween scrip...: 
   You like?

   That's right guys it's the month of scary bed sheets and I'm going to be using this entire month as a Halloween special, you're welcome.
   now last month I was all sick because I have a crappy amune system so I posted... not a lot. but since I hate scary shit lets just hope I do better this month.
   now everyone knows that you can't have scary anything with out creepypasta, so yeah we're going to do that... and other things... maybe... probably, I drought it.
   now this video is me starting a new segment... by that I mean it's be using segments because I didn't really in the first place... BUT NOW! NOW IS DIFFENT!!! kinda... but not.
   Anyway because I am always being told how crappy my story telling is, LET'S DO IT MORE!!!
  because pissing you guys off is what YouTubers do, even the bad ones.
   NOW! since I'm sick again. Ugh, let's do... a top Five... kiiinda.... maybe. 
   Because I haven't read any   :|  because I'm lazy... but... yeah I was planning to... or at least I'm going to say that so I don't seem lazy~er.....

   SO! number 5~!
     Miss rarity.
 because, I have no idea... like literally I no nothing about it I've only herd of it. like I've only every herd the name and seen a few pictures.
   then why did I pick her? because I couldn't think of another pastas so I just put one I've herd of :| .... WELCOME TO MY CHANNEL! WHERE I'M REALLY LAZY 

   Number 4~!
   Flutter bitch.... Flutter Butcher... I DON'T KNOW!!!
something like that, I think they are two different things but I don't know... I won't know, I'm not a writer... or just an insane fan, but they might be the same thing, maybe...
   sooooo! this... I have no idea, because after all, I haven't read them. but I want to, or at least I'm going to anyway. because that's a thing people do. read creepypastas because they want subscribers.

   Number 3~!
    Paranoid Twilight.
   I like the concept of this one because it's plausible... sept celestial might do something... or just let her student freak-out about things. BUT! celesta is a bitch sometimes so yeah.  :| 
... this top 5 sucks doesn't it. 

   Number 2~!
   rainbow factory
   Before you scream that this isn't number one or fan gasum because you most likely know what number one is.... I bet you do, you agogent prick.
   Rainbow factory is only this high on the list because of all the spin offs making it look heaven sent, but I haven't read it. so again, I wouldn't know. 
   Rainbow factory seems... interesting, I would like to read it but... eeh, i'm a lazy pansy, SO WE'LL SEE WHAT HAPPENS!

   Number ~1!
   you know what I'm going to say so why even bother.
   Pinky pie invites rainbow bitch to her house so make cupcakes...
  yay,... Cupcakes.
    well Number one is in fact Cupcakes.
    I think everyone wants me not to read this because I bet they know how bad I will read it... or something, but I'm probably gonna do it anyway.

   Get over it. ...
    or leave...

    you could do that...

   ThE eNd!
Redtriangle Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for using my art for your video on Bat Ponies.
But I have to say, that was a terrible performance. :|

You've mention yourself your just a "normal" Brony and not into theories.
Well, I guess I'm into theories; my brain is almost like a non-stop thinking machine. :) And Bronies are theoretical thinkers as well fan artists.
However, as theories, I can't be sure if they match up to other fans' theories.
Like for example, one or few Bronies said that Bat Ponies are an offshoot race of Pegasi; I guess Bat Ponies are Pegasi are closer relatives than the other Pony races.
RavenPember Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014  Student General Artist

  your right, but it doesn't matter because I enjoy it
even if it is bad.
   I know my videos aren't the best and I could use way
more practice especially with the script but I have no
desire to stop making them due to how much fun I have
when completing the videos.
   I'm not the smartest person out there and I don't think
about the scientific parts of thing like I should especially
with the videos, but I like being myself and not a robot genius
openly not knowing things is the best way to learn new thing.
bobricknelson Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Student General Artist
Happy birthday!! :) Thanks for being such a great friend!! :thanks:
RavenPember Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014  Student General Artist
thanks, guess what I got from my mom x3
bobricknelson Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014  Student General Artist
WHAT did you geeeet???
RavenPember Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014  Student General Artist
(1 Reply)
Samathrume Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the watch! :iconbrohugplz:
RavenPember Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Student General Artist
:3 no problem, I should be thanking you.
I would not have watched you if you wasn't an amazing artist.
Samathrume Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If I wasn't good at arts I wouldn't have watchers like you. :meow:
And I thank you for watching me do the arts. ^w^
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